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Our services include the following :

• Individual and business income tax calculations, tax planning & tax returns
To ensure you are fully compliant & up to date with SARS. We conduct all our calculations & returns in line with
the latest Income Tax Act to ensure you make full benefit of all possible deductions, therefore putting you in
the best possible position in terms of individual and corporate tax.

• Handling of tax disputes & appeals with SARS
Handling an incorrect tax assessment can be a nightmare. Let us take care of the hard work.

• Monthly bookkeeping & accounting, including monthly management accounts with detailed management reports.
You as a business owner requires the right information at the right time to make informed business decisions.
Converting financial data into information into usefull information is what we strive on - let us take care of
your financial info while you take care of your business decisions.

• Monthly PAYE, VAT & UIF submission
No business will continue as long as it complies with legal & statutory laws & regulations. With our knowledge
of up to date requirements, let us take care of all the requirements.

• Annual financial statements
Whether you are self employed, a SME business owner or need annual financial statements for your private or
public company, we are more than capable & able to provide you with annual financial statements in terms of

• Detailed Business change assessments
When you have tried it all but still not see a change in your bottom line - sometime you need an outside party
to do a independent assessment and share a outsider's view. With our wealth of expertise gained over the
past decade we have valueble advise & possibilities to change your business from being ordinary to being

• Business plans to acquire additional finance
No business can flourish with the required level of working capital or long term financing to ensure you have
what you need, when you need it. We offer a detailed, achievable & realistic business plan approach to ensure
you obtain what you require, as well as have a long term goal to work towards.

• Consulting services
We also offer a wide range of financial consulting services, both on a short- or long term basis. Refer to our
detailed consulting services to acquire more information.

For more information, please contact us.

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